Loudoun County CPS - Monica Zveare is just like Judy Johnson


Sandra Glenney, Laurie Warhol and all of CPS needs hyper-emotional and sometimes mentally unstable parents to stay in business. Why do I make this claim, only mentally unstable parents make absurd false allegations. Without this type of parent, Glenney and CPS can’t justify their existence nor their salaries. No accuser results in no false claims, no bullshit CPS investigation and no kangaroo Courts hearings. I would be remiss to forget the psychologist that Glenney hand picks. With no hysterical parent making a false claim, quite a few people go without a payday.

Case in point, Judy Johnson – learn and know this name- she ignited the initial accusation that spawned the McMartin scandal. Ms. Johnson had quite the mental health history that prosecutors attempted to conceal from the defense. The following article from the New York Times describes a few of Ms. Johnson’s claims.  Ms. Johnson eventually died of alcohol poisoning before her mental health history was to be presented to a jury.


Among Mrs. Johnson’s assertions in telephone calls to prosecutors and in a two-page letter to them, were that Ray Buckey flew in the air, that Mrs. Buckey drilled holes in the armpits of the Johnson boy, that a marine sodomized the boy and sexually abused the Johnsons’ dog. Former Prosecutor’s Role.

As you can see Ms. Johnson was not the most reliable person. Why would I make the extraordinary claim that Monica Zveare is like Judy Johnson.  Zveare has quite the illustrious past of making abuse claims, even making the claim of drugging with mushrooms or that a child’s eyes were making strange demonic movements or that a child talked to the Sandman.  These are not the words of someone who is grounded firmly in reality.

Just like Judy Johnson, the claims of Zveare were taking seriously by the ever credulous Sandra Glenney , who also happens to believe the testimony of dubious professionals from the ISSTD. In addition, just like Johnson, extraordinary efforts were taken to conceal Zveare’s personal issues and her bizarre claims. I firmly believe that Glenney and CPS are hopelessly incompetent but Zveare’s issues were there for all to see. I need to make special mention that the Guardian Ad Litem will simply rubber stamp anything that CPS or Glenney wants. No one from the County examined Zveare or her erratic behavior.

Once a false accusation has been made , the train starts to roll and it is almost impossible to stop. In Loudoun the justice system is archaic and very southern. Hysterical parents will find sympathy from Glenney and CPS. That is why just like in the Judy Johnson instance, you need to dig deep in the accuser’s mental health history. Everyone wet out of their way to prevent Zveare’s mental health record from making its way to the Courtroom. This is not advantageous for the accused but it is disastrous for the child. The child has to live and be subjected to a very emotional and unstable parent.

Sandra Glenney bears most of the responsibility for false accusation being believed.  Glenney herself is prone to believe the most absurd claims.


Loudoun County CPS - Monica Zveare is just like Judy Johnson