Loudoun County CPS – Monica Zveare continued



As mentioned before Loudoun County Child Protective Services and Sandra Glenney need mothers like Monica Zveare.  Women like Ms. Zveare provide this abysmal agency the reason for its existence. She and others like her keep them in business. It is very probable that Glenney is delusional as well.

Sane, rational and thinking adults do not make false accusations of abuse. They definitely do not harm children to satisfy their vindictiveness and delusions.  No caring and loving parent would ever do that to a child. The overwhelming majority of false accusers suffer from mental issues. It could be a rather loose grip on reality or some type of paranoia. This perfectly applies to Zveare.

For example, it was recommended twice to Zveare by Child Protective Services for her to seek therapy from Loudoun County mental health. Despite Zveare’s obvious issues she was still believed and supported by CPS and Glenney.  The social worker expressed deep concerned about Zveare’s mental state.  This speaks very poorly of Loudoun County’s finest.  It also speaks very poorly of Dr. Mary Lindahl who was working with Zveare, Lindahl made no such mention of Zveare’s issues.

This is not unique in false abuse cases, the accusation almost always originates from a mentally unbalanced parent, typically the mother. In the now infamous McMartin scandal, Judy Johnson ignited the firestorm that resulted in the pernicious prosecution of the daycare workers at the McMartin Daycare. Johnson, much like Zveare, had a long track record of making false accusations.  Incredibly both were believed. Johnson, ultimately drank herself to death.

The Dan and Fran Keller case followed this very same pattern , Suzanne Statton, a mother of a 3 year old was the driving force behind the accusations toward the Kellers. The false accuser is usually a mentally distraught mother.

One feature that all cases involving false accusations share is that once the accusations are made, the child is pressed and pressed until more accusations are made. Usually this requires the participation of very incompetent and disreputable psychologists. In Loudoun, this role is filled by Dr. Mary Lindahl, who also is a Department head at Marymount University. It is a machine that is geared to produce more false accusations.

The ignition starts with a delusional parent like Monica Zveare. It is important to get the all actual statements by the accusing parent. If they are delusional, their statements to the police and CPS  will be bizarre and contradictory. You and your attorney need to highlight these contradictions.

It is important , as the case winds through the courts that you petition the Court to order the accusing parent to complete a psychological evaluation. It must be done by an independent third-party who is not connected to Loudoun County, especially Sandra Glenney.  Do not choose Dr. William Ling. Christopher Lane, and stay clear of Dr. Mary Lindahl.








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