Loudoun County CPS - know your rights and know the law

Much to the chagrin of Loudoun County CPS and Sandra Glenney, the accused does have rights; believe it or not. Unfortunately they are not required to inform you of those rights. Depending upon the case worker and the investigator, it can be assumed that the CPS employee is not aware of your rights. It is my sincere wish, that this posts assists the innocent in becoming aware of their rights. One Virginia code that the accused should be familiar with is 22VAC40-705-120, specifically

D.  The subject of the report or complaint may consult with the local department to hear and refute evidence collected during the investigation. Whenever a criminal charge is also filed against the alleged abuser for the same conduct involving the same victim child as investigated by the local department, sharing the evidence prior to the court hearing is prohibited.

In the case of false accusations, Glenney and CPS will be forced to conceal evidence and obscure facts. It is incumbent on the accused to collect their own facts, the investigation that CPS  conducts could be used as a guideline of how not to conduct an investigation. It is imperative for the accused and their attorney to consult with the local department during the investigation. For instance, inquire about DNA test results and inquire if any retractions were made by the child to the CPS hand-picked psychologist. During this consultation , record every word on a taping device. Inform CPS and Glenney that you are taping, it is your right to record them as per 22VAC40-705-80.

2. The child protective services (CPS) worker shall conduct a face-to-face interview with the alleged abuser and/or neglector.

a. The CPS worker shall inform the alleged abuser and/or neglector of his right to tape record any communication pursuant to § 63.2-1516 of the Code of Virginia.

If you don’t tape them, they are going to lie it is simple as that. These people are for the most part extremely dishonest. CPS especially in Loudoun County is poorly managed by Laurie Warhol and Ellen Grunewald. It is critical to know your rights. The purpose of consulting with CPS is to get additional facts about the investigation and inform CPS of any additional information that you have collected. It is also an opportunity for you to record on tape any contradictions in the CPS worker’s  statements



Loudoun County CPS - know your rights and know the law