Loudoun County CPS – How were they fooled by Monica Zveare



Why does Loudoun County so readily believe any accusation of child abuse, regardless of the evidence?  This could be due to numerous reasons, in my opinion Sandra Glenney is the main reason. Some argue and would contend that Sandra Glenney is power-hungry and suffers from a lack of critical thinking skills; both are true.  She is a modern-day Torquemada and perhaps just a bit off. She does after all enlist the services of psychologists who believe in Satanic Ritual Abuse.

Also an examination of the management staff at Loudoun CPS will reveal a team of religious and sexually repressed women such as Laurie Warhol , Ellen Grunewald and Sandra Glenney. These women live in a demon haunted world, where men have an insatiable desire to harm children. In their demon haunted world they are the only ones who can determine if abuse occurred.   Monica Zveare also lives in a demon haunted world, where evil spirits are circling all around waiting to harm. To rational people, this is nonsense but not to these women. The world they live in is a very scary place.

Monica Zveare found the perfect audience for her bizarre claims, despite suffering from depression,  Zveare’s wild claims were accepted without scrutiny. Unfortunately, this untrammeled credulity plagues the majority of the CPS agencies nationwide. Women like Zveare are believed often by CPS. Women like Monica Zveare keep the doors of CPS open.

One case that emphasizes CPS’s willingness to believe anything is that of the “Mineola Swingers Club” in Texas.  It is a case that is not well-known but it should be.  I will not go into details but there are a few points that I will make about the case. Margie Cantrell, a foster parent, was the impetus for the accusations and the cause of convictions of several innocent people.  The story follows the same path as the majority of the sexual abuse cases.  A parent, Cantrell in this case, pushes children to make false accusations; just like Monica Zveare. The accusing parent is almost always a mother who suffers from a mental illness such as depression.

Just like Zveare, Cantrell had her own baggage and very suspicious past. For example , she was decertified as a foster parent in California. Her husband John was accused of sexually abusing foster children in California as well. Did this deter the local CPS agency in Texas from critically examining her claims, not at all. These facts were never entered into evidence. Despite all of the red flags , the case plowed forward.

Much like Monica Zveare, who has consistently made false accusations but yet was still believed by Glenney and CPS, Cantrell was believed by the Texas Authorities.  As you attend your hearings, the accusing  parent will be protected at all costs.  You and your attorney need to be prepared for a very biased judge. Cases involving accusations of abuse are emotional and tend to sway judicial decisions. In the case of Zveare , the Court went out of its way to prevent access to Zveare’s mental health records.

However in the long run, the truth tends to  rise to the surface. In the case of Margie Cantrell, she eventually had her foster children removed and faced child abuse charges of her own. A statement by  a former foster child pretty much sums it up. From the following article.

“These accusations are in line with accusation made in the past by previous foster and adopted kids of the Cantrells, who have adopted more than thirty kids. I interviewed three of these folks, who called Margie “manipulative” and “controlling” and said her voice was often hoarse from yelling at them. ”

This description is very accurate of the accusing parent, they manipulate the child into making false accusations. In the case if of Zveare, , she left such a detailed paper trail that it is astounding that she was taken seriously but then again look her took her seriously.





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