Loudoun County CPS - Ellen Grunewald


I have stated before that Loudoun County CPS , from top to bottom , is infested by poor management – some would say very dishonest management.  In Loudoun , the top person is Ellen Grunewald – Director of Family Services. As you navigate your path through Loudoun’s very inept Judicial System it is important to know that names of the people you don’t see.

Why is this important, well because the CPS investigator no matter how incompetent or biased will have the support of his or her management team.  Take for example, Benjamin Smith, despite his complete incompetence and very dishonest tactics, received full and continual support from the management team.

This is mainly the reason why the Loudoun CPS workers and investigators behave and conduct themselves in the way that they do; it is condoned by management. You do however have leverage, one thing that people such as Ellen Grunewald have an aversion to is bad publicity.  You as a citizen has rights , those rights include contacting your Loudoun County Supervisor or elected State Official. Grunewald does not like for her agency to be criticized.

The following link is to the Loudoun County Human Resources Handbook. It would be wise for anyone who has had any interaction with Loudoun CPS to read and be familiar with it. Believe it or not , despite the behavior represented by the typical Loudoun CPS worker, they are guidelines for Loudoun workers to conduct themselves by. The agency rarely abides by the guidelines, if it all.

Ms. Ellen Grunewald fails the code of conduct almost immediately. She does not like for her department to be criticized. She attacks the individual person who criticizes. A better word for it would be retaliation, this is the official county stance on retaliation.

Chapter 1 - General Principles and Governing Policies (of the Human Resources Handbook)

“The County will not tolerate any form of retaliation directed against an employee or third party who either files a complaint about discrimination, harassment, or retaliation, or who participates in any investigation concerning such misconduct”.

Ms. Grunewald , cowardly ,  as it typical of those with the Loudoun CPS management team will retaliate against those who bring criticism and complaints against a Loudoun CPS worker.  She will be very subtle about it.  Loudoun CPS will circle the wagons when a complaint is made against one of their own. They will attempt to discredit anyone who raises complaints against the agency.

Another aspect of the Human Resource Policy that Ellen Grunwald and Laurie Warhol fail miserably is the following

- Chapter 3 Employee Conduct

“Treat the public and other County employees fairly and equitably, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, political affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity, or other non-merit factors unrelated to the impartial conduct of County business.”

With Grunewald and Loudoun County, they exhibit total disdain for the public and have no interest in treating the public with respect. The agency is so dysfunctional that it needs to be scratched and rebuilt. Grunewald and the agency conducts themselves as if there is no supervision for the agency and if the agency does not have any guidelines. You need to let them know that this is not the case at all.








Loudoun County CPS - Ellen Grunewald