Loudoun County CPS – Dr. Mary Lindahl, Dr. Christopher Lane, Lisa Hunt


It is argued , with good reason,  that Sandra Glenney is the ringleader of  a Child Protective Services case. This is true, in that Sandra Glenney plays a critical role in the selection of the psychologist who will be assigned to the case. This is a critical component , if not the most important component of a CPS case; Glenney knows this. The psychologist is depended upon by CPS to carry the day. It is important for Glenney to put forth a very narrow narrative in the Courtroom, the chosen psychologist helps craft that narrative.

CPS workers are trained to believe all claims of abuse, per their course CWS 2031, unfortunately the psychologist that are utilized by CPS always believe claims of abuse; this is what they are paid to do.  This could be for many reasons, poor training on the part of the psychologist or simply financial.   CPS seeks out this type of psychologist. Loudoun County pays on average to a psychologist $150 per hour for their services and more importantly their testimony.  This fee is more repulsive than the 30 pieces of silver that Judas was paid. There is a financial incentive for the mental health professional  to see things CPS’s way. Although in Court, they will continuously say they are advocating for the best interests of the child, this is a fallacy.

In Loudoun , a three punch combination of mental health professionals is used, this combination consists of Dr. Mary Lindahl, Dr. Christopher Lane and Lisa Hunt. This is the way the system works, Sandra Glenney will select a psychologist to evaluate your child.  In one case , Dr. Lindahl was chosen. This is the initial step that Sandra Glenney takes to get her psychologist involved in the case. Be sure it is no random pick, the psychologist Is chosen by Glenney because Glenney knows that the psychologist will agree with her.

After the initial evaluation is performed, the result will always  be that visitation should be halted and the child’s statements are  credible; Glenney’s psychologists will always testify to these facts. The psychologist will always testify that the accused needs a psychosexual evaluation. Lisa Hunt seems to be the favorite of CPS to conduct the evaluation.

This is where  things gets interesting and the wheels begin to turn. In one case Dr. Lindahl  switched roles from the evaluator to the child’s therapist. Prior to doing this she consulted with Dr. Christopher Lane and Lisa Hunt. The three concluded that it was ethical. These three have a constant presence  in abuse allegations in Loudoun County,

As this case progressed,  Dr. Lane was ordered by the “Epitome of Fairness” Judge Horne to review Dr. Lindahl’s notes.  During the course of the case, the child recanted often but Dr. Lindahl failed to report this.  Curiously enough Dr. Lane had Dr. Lindahl’s notes for months and was ordered to review them. Interestingly enough he failed to mention the recantations of the child as well. In addition it took Dr. Lane four months to produce to a seven page report.

Dr. Lane and Dr. Lindahl both recommended Lisa Hunt to perform the psychological evaluation for the accused. More curious was that Sandra Glenney recommended Lisa Hunt  to perform the evaluation as well. As expected Lisa Hunt failed to mention the recantation of the child as well.  It is important to add that Dr. Lindahl stated ,under oath , that she mentioned the recanting but she couldn’t recall who she mentioned to.

One thing is for sure, the coven of psychologists who are involved in abuse allegations cases are a small group. They realize that in order to maintain the status quo they need to keep things within their circle and out of public view. Sandra Glenney knows this as well, that is why she depends only on certain psychologists. They  tend to be very upset and they get very defensive when information leaks out. The Courts know this as well,  they depend on secrecy to keep the machine rolling.




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