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Loudoun County CPS   – Misleading the Virginia  State Board of Social Services


Whatever you do , don’t complain about the local Loudoun County Child Protective Services Agency but if you do here is the link to the local Family Services Board in Loudoun. If you have the courage to keep going here is the contact and email address for the State Board Representative who handles Loudoun County edwin.schuster@dss.virginia.gov. I must warn the reader , if you complain you may be get disparaged by the Local Agency in emails written by the Director of the Local Agency , Ellen Grunewald.  I also need to warn the reader this will all be done without your knowledge; this is how they roll. Loudoun County CPS will mislead the State Board to preserve their image.

In the hierarchy of the Department of Social Services there are two entities, the local agency and the State Board. According to the State Board, the local agencies operate independently and are managed locally. Therein lies the problem, there is no accountability within the local agency, they investigate themselves; this rarely works if at all.  The local department is not going to critically assess any complaints made against their agency. The State Board is reluctant to get involved unless it is a catastrophic issue.

Any complaint about the local agency made will either be ignored by someone in management such as Laurie Warhol, Ellen Grunewald or Sandra Glenney, if it is actually read it will simply be dismissed without any critical investigation. The same goes for any Freedom of Information Act request, if it is fulfilled it will more than likely be incomplete.  The requester will more than likely be given the very typical response “there are no documents responsive to your request“.  The agency suffers from a complete lack of transparency. The local agency had been caught violating the Virginia Freedom of Information Act.

The next logical step, when a complaint is made, is for the requester to contact the Virginia Social Services State Board. The following is a list of FAQ’s for the board. On paper it appears that public comment and concerns are welcomed, in reality the local agency in Loudoun takes a rather dim view of an individual complaining to the State Board. There is a saying “Those who have nothing to hide hide nothing”. Unfortunately Loudoun County CPS has an incredible amount to hide. The agency, including the Director Ellen Grunewald will do anything to discredit the person making the complaint, as this email (above) from Ms. Grunewald to the State Board clearly demonstrates. In this email, which is redacted, Grunewald tells the board that this person has lost his case in JDR and Circuit Court, which is definitely not true. This email was sent to discredit the person who dare spoke up, it is worth noting that the social worker is no longer with the local agency, one has to wonder why; could it be it was one of the rare time he got caught concealing evidence?

In the universe of Social Services, there exist two worlds. One world which is public facing that portrays Social Services as the protector of children. The other world, the real world, is one which the public doesn’t see. One that is protected and hidden, this world contains the win at all costs mentality and the dubious relationship between the psychologists and Sandra Glenney. This world contains the hidden evidence withheld by the Social Workers. This is the world the public needs to be aware of.



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