Loudoun County CPS – The Devil , Sandra Glenney and the ISSTD




The intent of this blog is not to disparage anyone, only to reveal the facts. I will apologize now to the devil for any possible hint that he and Sandra Glenney share any traits.  Why the title the “Devil and Sandra Glenney”. Further research into the pseudoscientific organization known as “International Study for Trauma and Disassociation (ISSTD), an organization which Dr. Joyanna Silberg , who was  highly recommended by Sandra Glenney , served as ex-president of.

The ISSTD and its members are obsessed with Satan and Satan worshipers, not only this they seem to find abuse everywhere they look.  I need to mention that they are proponents of quack therapy known as “repressed memories“. As you can see the organization is on very shaky scientific foundation.

It is worse than this, the co-founder of the organization  Dr. Bennet Braun was suspended for his very unconventional methods. The following article (aptly titled Dangerous Therapy) details a case in which a former patient sued Dr. Braun for implanting false memories.   All the memories that were suggested by Dr. Braun were ludicrous but he out did  himself as  he actually convinced the patient that she ate human flesh as a child.

The very low quality therapists that are members of the ISDTD are exactly what Sandra Glenney wants. It is apparent that Glenney wants to align herself and her office with these type of quack therapists. This could be for many reasons, the main reason is that a quack therapist will believe any claim of abuse, which pleases Sandra Glenney to no end. Dr. Mary Lindahl is favorite of Sandra Glenney. The other reason is that Sandra Glenney herself may actually hold the same bizarre beliefs as members of the ISTTD; this is completely plausible.  This is disturbing in that Glenney is part of the legal machinery in Loudoun.

You do want Sandra Glenney, any employee from CPS or a quack therapist this is willing to testify Glenney anywhere near your child.


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