Loudoun County CPS – prefers innocent fathers


For anyone dealing with Loudoun County CPS, it is important to know that the agency is dishonest and the staff is typically not very bright. With that said, the issue is nationwide. In Loudoun County, Laurie Warhol and Sandra Glenney prefer fathers as the target. Sandra Glenney will accept any accusation, proven or not, to separate a Father from his child.

Through various FOIA requests, it has been learned that as expected, Loudoun CPS workers are poorly trained and have no investigative skills. As bad as it is in Loudoun for fathers, it is indeed bad here, it is even worse for the Native American population in South Dakota. NPR did a fantastic investigation into the department of Social Services in South Dakota. South Dakota has historically had race issues with the Native American population.

The investigation revealed that 700 native children are removed every year and placed with non-native families.http://www.npr.org/2011/10/25/141672992/native-foster-care-lost-children-shattered-families. The article reports that the state receives money for placing a child in foster care and receives additional money for adopting the child out. Why the Natives, they are easy targets most families cannot afford a private attorney. Social Services prefer easy targets. A very disturbing portion of the article is the following statement.

Department officials told her, “It’s good, you are doing a good job for taking more kids,” Abourezk says. “It’s just the norm here. It happens so often people don’t question it. So you know if something happens all the time the same way, people don’t question it anymore. It’s just how it’s done.

The statement “It’s just how it’s done” is bone-chilling. The agency in Loudoun has the same anthem; it’s just how it’s done. In Loudoun County ┬álies, threats and concealed evidence “is just how it is done”. The citizens in Loudoun should be outraged that such a corrupt organization is even permitted to exist. As mentioned earlier, the only difference between Loudoun and the agencies in South Dakota is the target; Loudoun targets fathers while South Dakota targets the Native American population.

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