Loudoun County CPS, Courts , Guardian Ad Litems and Psychologists


Why are some systems and institutions infested with corruption and personnel willing to support the corruption?  The following article , aptly describes the situation; sometimes systems are inherently corrupt. Reading the article, I began to consider the issue of Loudoun County as it relates to Child Protection Services (CPS), Sandra Glenney and the Judicial System. These are the main players but there are secondary player as well, those include the Guardian Ad Litem, various psychologists and the attorneys involved in the litigation. CPS cases quickly devolve into a kangaroo court.

The cast of characters involved in a Child Protective case masquerade as acting in the “best interests of the child”, in reality nothing can be further from the truth.  It is Kafkaesque in nature, an innocent defendant; normally the father faces insurmountable odds.   The defendant begins the process by placing faith in the judicial system but in the end he realizes it was corrupt from the start It is disturbing that a system that professes such a high calling, succumbs to the most debased actions. One of the more fascinating aspects of a Child Protective Services case is that everyone is on the same page. The alleged CPS investigator knows which evidence to conceal, CPS workers are not investigators they have very limited training. Sandra Glenney serves as the counsel for CPS. She plays her part in many ways, such as handpicking a psychologist who will advance the ideas and notions of CPS. It is astonishing how many psychologists will sell themselves to CPS for at most $150 an hour.  Finally, the judges allow it to happen. It is more politically expedient for a judge to let the macabre scenario play out than put a stop to it.

A major character in this theater is the Guardian Ad Litem; the G-A-L in theory is the unbiased person in the case who will conduct an unbiased investigation. The G-A-L’s guidelines make it clear that the G-A-L shall be independent. In Loudoun County this is not the case. Sandra Glenney usually utilizes the G-A-L to further her views.  Lorrie Sinclair, who serves as a Guardian Ad Litem often and who is inconceivably a Judicial Candidate for the Circuit Court in Loudoun County is the antithesis of this. When Ms. Glenney and Ms. Sinclair pair up it is akin to a kangaroo Court System. Typically the defendant is not aware of this cozy relationship between the two.

The local judicial system in Loudoun affords Sandra Glenney numerous chances to win her case. The case first goes to the Juvenile Domestic Relations Court and then can be retried in Circuit Court. If Glenney loses in JDR Court, she can and will appeal that decision in Circuit Court.  While waiting for the appeal, Glenney will urge her handpicked psychologists to produce more accusations to persuade the Court. Just like the Trial by Kafka, a defendant can always be tried at any time, this is the way Sandra Glenney approaches her cases.

All participants in this scenario are acting in way which they believe is normal and acceptable. They are behaving in a manner that is normal in a corrupt system. When one questions or confronts someone in the system that person is criticized and demonized at all times. When an individual criticizes the system, that person is attacked on a personal level.  Sandra Glenney especially has a desire to be seen as the crusading counsel for children but one only needs to pull the curtain back and view what is really happening with these cases.

It is the children who suffer from the actions of the key players; this is in stark contrast to their stated claim of acting in the best interests of the child.




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