Loudoun County CPS - Christmas message to the survivors of CPS and Sandra Glenney

This post is directed to the innocent children and parents who are unjustly caught in the trap of Loudoun County CPS and the reprehensible Sandra Glenney. To this list of reprehensible characters add Judge Thomas D. Horne and the majority of the psychologists who testify for Sandra Glenney. We as citizens in Loudoun have been poorly served by our judicial system.

First and foremost, I wish everyone Happy Holidays.  If you and your child are not together during this holiday season, I am sorry and I realize the emotional pain is excruciating; you have to endure it.  Your child needs you to survive this traumatic experience, if you are reading this post congratulate yourself on making it to the holidays, you have survived. Everything situation comes to an end, make sure you are there for your child when this ends.

During this holiday season , realize that you and your child are both victims of CPS and Sandra Glenney; there is no other way to express it.  Also realize that you have more dignity, ethics  and respect for the legal system than anyone who is associated with CPS will ever have; remember that.  Unlike CPS, Sandra Glenney and any other member of that horrid organization, you deeply care for your child they do not. They support these fabricated cases to justify their positions and salary. Once Glenney and her cheap psychologists create a train wreck they will walk away as if nothing happened.

During this painful time during the holidays, think deeply about your child. Your child needs you to survive. Keep the long-term in your mind, your child needs you to survive.  It is understandable that you as a parent are grieving but don’t let it consume you. Don’t allow CPS or Sandra Glenney rob you of your happiness. You and your child have experience a grievous loss, don’t ignore this fact. It is crucial that you find a way to manage this regretful situation.

If you are a parent going through this ordeal, don’t give up.  Some of the major players within the Loudoun County Judicial System have changed. For starters we have a new County Attorney, Mr. Leo P. Rogers. This is a monumental shift, keep in mind his predecessor was in office for 25 years.  That is far to long, the legal system has undergone several changes in the last 25 years.  Mr. Rogers will hopefully bring charge and respectability to the office.

Another dramatic change is the appointment of Ms. Jeanette Irby to the bench. Horne needed to retire and make room for a more modern thinker on the bench. More importantly ,Lorrie Sinclair did not get the appointment.  If Sinclair would have received the appointment a void would exist where justice should reside.

Change has come to Loudoun County, don’t give up the battle for your children.  It is a battle, the difference between you and CPS, other than the lack of ethics by CPS, is that you actually care for your children and want the best for them. CPS does not , nor do their fraudulent  psychologists.


Best wishes and happy  holidays




Loudoun County CPS- Christmas message to the survivors of Sandra Glenney