Loudoun County CPS – When a child recants to Dr. Mary Lindahl



What should a therapist do when a child recants that they were abused, I will preface by saying that when a child recants it is difficult.  Some experts view recanting with a certain level of skepticism, others are not so skeptical.  Most agree that when a child recants, that is should be considered and looked at closely. Unfortunately, in cases of false allegations, all of the evidence presented will consist entirely of expert testimony. In Loudoun County, that expert could very well be Dr. Mary Lindahl; be very weary of Lindahl. She is a favorite  of Sandra Glenney.

Back to the subject of retractions, you and your attorney need to get the notes from Dr. Lindahl and be very precise when questioning Dr. Lindahl.  Do not allow Lindahl any opportunity on the stand to be deceitful, be direct and be specific. As an example , refrain from the following question.

“Has the child ever been inconsistent”

Instead have your attorney ask the following question instead

“Has the child ever reported to you that the abuse did not occur “

If Lindahl answers yes, your attorney needs to ask specific questions about the circumstances surrounding the recanting.

“Was the recanting spontaneous”

“Did the child recant to your or someone else”

Per policy and Lindahl’s ethical guidelines,  she should notify the Loudoun CPS about the recanting, but she will fail to do so. If she does, Sandra Glenney is such an incompetent that she will dismiss. It is up to you to hold Dr. Lindahl accountable; get the notes.

Be cognizant of the fact that Lindahl is going to follow Glenney’s lead in every aspect. This will hold true of any therapist utilized by Glenney, they tend to be very incompetent and dishonest therapists.  Once Glenney selects a therapist, you need to attempt to locate any information you kind about that therapist. Google searches return a vast amount of information, search for the therapist in Loudoun, Fairfax and Arlington; chances are the expert testifies quite often.

In closing, keep in mind that your child is going to be under considerable pressure to accuse you. It is what Lindahl , the accusing parent and Glenney wants. Glenney and Lindahl view false accusations as a means to financial gain .  The accusing parent views it as means to gain advantage during a custody case. Your child needs you to be very diligent and thorough.







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