Loudoun County CPS – When a child recants, they don’t care




Pictured above are a very unique set of people. Ellen Grunewald, Sandra Glenney, Laurie Warhol and Dr. Mary Lindahl.  These are the women who are behind the scenes ensuring that you will be separated from your child.  I have stressed and will keep on stressing that Loudoun County CPS is not capable of deciphering between false and true allegations.  Sandra Glenney is not capable of delivering all evidence to the defense counsel.  Loudoun CPS and its investigators are not familiar with any of the latest research. In addition, CPS is not familiar with the amount of convictions that have been overturned due children recanting claims of sexual abuse. The workers are extremely poorly trained.  The management is asleep at the wheel.

The CPS business model requires that the accusing parent, typically the mother, be believed. The mother is going to be believed. The  business model also requires that the hand-picked psychologist be on the same page as Sandra Glenney. In the very incompetent mind of Sandra Glenney , all accusations are to be believed; no matter what.

The following article contains a statement that is so telling. The article concerns the case of Kevin Peterson.

It started in the late 1980s for Peterson, when a custody battle erupted with his ex-wife over their two children.”

Allegations during a divorce and custody battle need to be viewed with extreme skepticism. The case of Kevin Peterson, is so typical and unfortunate, accusations  against Kevin were made during a contentious custody dispute.   The CPS workers are oblivious to any research and the fact that allegations in a custody case are more than likely not true. Unfortunately false accusations during a custody case happen far to often. Thankfully for Mr. Peterson children did recant .

“Peterson sought out legal help and the case ultimately wound up in Richards’ hands. And then, Peterson’s children recanted. Richards said the kids’ mom and stepdad compelled the children to lie”.

The last portion of the statement is compelling “the kids mom and stepdad compelled the children to lie”. Contrary to what CPS teaches its workers and what its hand-picked psychologists believe , children are very suggestible.  Dr. Mary Lindahl will always testify that the children are not very suggestible. Sandra Glenney loves this type of testimony, she knows Dr. Lindahl will always provide this type of testimony.

What CPS doesn’t like is when a child recants, neither does Dr. Mary Lindahl. Dr. Lindahl will ensure that the recantations are kept secret.  Ellen Grunewald and Laurie Warhol will ensure that the CPS investigator has support no matter the unethical behavior.  It is a vicious cycle.


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