Loudoun County CPS - The Bruce McLaughlin Case


In the 80′s the sexual abuse cases were at an all-time  fevered pitch, there was the McMartin Scandal in California, Little Rascals  in North Carolina and many many others. Witch hunts and junk science ruled the day.  Loudoun has its own  sexual abuse scandal – the Bruce McLaughlin case.  Bruce McLaughlin was the target and victim of a vindictive ex-wife, a zealous cheating prosecutor, incompetent social workers and an obliging psychologist who was willing to testify that abuse occurred. These are the essential ingredients of a kangaroo Court and a false conviction.

McLaughlin’s conviction highlights all that is wrong with CPS and Loudoun’s judicial system. Interviews of the children were not videotaped which is a violation of  policy , critical evidence was not turned over to the defense and so much more. How much has changed since the case, not much, it has probably worsened. Those within the County who are tasked with investigating sexual abuse cases have taken dishonesty and incompetence to an all new level.

The social workers and management at CPS are exponentially more incompetent and stupid.  The Commonwealth Attorney at the time , Robert Anderson was not jailed or fined for withholding exculpatory evidence. In fact no one that contributed to the unjust conviction ever faced any consequences for their incompetence. Business continues as usual.

His ex-wife was never charged with making false accusations and CPS was never held accountable for botching the investigation.  Look at this way, the Commonwealth Attorney’s office and CPS allowed McLaughlin to file appeal after appeal without ever providing the actual audio tapes. This not only speaks to their honesty it also speaks to their morality.

Not much has changed.





Loudoun County CPS - The Bruce McLaughlin Case