Loudoun County CPS – Benjamin Smith recieved an award?




Benjamin Smith (above left) and Armando Saldate, Jr (above right) have a very peculiar thing in common. Saldate is a discredited detective who has a proven history of lying under oath . Benjamin Smith is a discredited social worker from Loudoun County who has a history of concealing evidence and lying during local hearings, both have a dubious claim to fame.

Their dishonesty has severe consequences for their victims, in the case of Mr. Saldate , Debra Jean Milke spent 22 years in prison.  The primary evidence presented against Ms. Milke was the statement by the discredited Saldate that Ms. Milke confessed to him.  Now the curious thing about this alleged confession is that there was no audio or video recording of the confession. Mr. Saldate testified under oath that she confessed to him.

The case with Benjamin Smith is similar , in the strange world of CPS Smith acted as investigator and arbiter of whether or not abuse occurred.  I should pause here and make the point that just because a poorly trained and blatantly dishonest social worker declares that abuse occurred does in no way mean that abuse occurred.  A social worker , rather ex-social worker  like Benjamin Smith should not be given any credence in any type of forum. Sadly, Benjamin Smith is par for the course with the framework of Loudoun County Child Protective Services.

Just like Saldate , Smith’s word was giving credence in the Courtroom of the “epitome of fairness” Judge Thomas D. Horne. It was later learned that from the onset of the case  that Smith was blatantly dishonest and incredibly incompetent.  What was more apparent was that Smith had the support of Laurie Warhol , Sandra Glenney and Ellen Grunewald.

On several occasions it was brought to the attention of Smth’s management team that he concealed evidence. Moreover,  documentary evidence was provided to Sandra Glenney, what was Glenney’s response , nothing.  Loudoun County simply did not care that Smith behaved in a very unethical manner.  In fact Smith received an award , very soon after receiving this award he left the Loudoun County Child Protective Services under very mysterious circumstances.

Trust me, CPS is better off without Benjamin Smith  and a bit more credible.



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