Loudoun County CPS


Loudoun County CPS is a monstrosity and needs to investigated by an independent third party. It and its employees behave as if they are above the law.

The video below aptly explains the unchecked power of Child Protective Services and the incompetence of the investigators. In Loudoun County the incompetence is at alarming levels, not only incompetence but a willingness to trample over the rights of the accused and a desire to ensure that a fair hearing is not granted to the accused. The effort to ensure that a fair hearing is not held is led by Sandra Glenney, Assistant County Attorney.

The staff members , including management and the investigators, fly beneath any public scrutiny. The hearings are not publicly accessible.  This video is more than accurate. More videos can be found at http://www.truthovercomfort.net.

In Loudoun, the agency is a monstrosity and has no moral compass. The workers are poorly trained with no training in investigative or forensic techniques. Watch the video closely.

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