Loudoun County – A close look at Lorrie Sinclair – judicial candidate




Sinclair’s motion

The Virginia judicial selection process is embarrassing and almost third-world like.  The public is effectively left out of the process, there is no real opportunity for the public to voice their support for or dissatisfaction with  with certain candidates, despite the lack of public approval Judges yield immense power within the jurisdiction they preside in.

With that said, Lorrie Sinclair makes a fascinating study in contradictions,  she has tried three times for a judicial position within Loudoun County.  It is a known fact that the public has very little input into the Judicial selection process and the judges selected are not the best persons for the job. Take for example, Justice  Robert Beasley, who was investigated for misconduct. To put it mildly the public’s opinions are not considered when the judicial selection is taking place.   That is why Lorrie SInclair’s legal action toward Zeta Phi Beta is all the more intriguing.  She filed the initial complaint in District Court in Washington DC.

Sinclair took issue with the election of officers in her sorority, Zeta Phi Beta in Las Vegas; the original complaint is located here.  Keep in mind the sorority is a non-profit organization, not quite as important as the position of a Judge.  She seems to have no problem with the secretive manner in which judges are selected in Virginia, Please read the original complaint, to understand the crux of this very important and legally groundbreaking case.  I have listed an item from the complaint, it seems  In the filing Sinclair claimed severe mental anguish due to the sorority election process for Zeta Phi Beta. Sinclair went on to seek $76,000 dollars in damages and legal fees. She did not receive any award and she withdrew her complaint.

Plaintiffs suffered the loss of enjoyment of ZPB’s goods, services, facilities,  privileges, advantages, and accommodations, as well as severe mental anguish as  a result of ZPB’s actions

SInclair is completely within her rights to to file legal claims against the sorority , the merits of the claim may be disputed but she has the right to file a petition in Court.. Unfortunately, the public has no recourse when an incompetent Judge has been selected without public scrutiny. I am curious if SInclair would question the Judicial selection process for Virginia as she did the Zeta Phi Beta sorority?

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