Loudoun County - Christopher Zveare and Lorrie Sinclair

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Have you ever heard the expression you can’t fool all of the people all of the time but you can some of the people some of the time. Well this theory doesn’t hold in Loudoun County, Christopher and the fraudulent memorandum inexplicably fooled all of the people all of the time in the Courtroom of the highly regarded  Judge Thomas D. Horne.

Those who were fooled, were the one-time Judicial candidate Lorrie Sinclair; who is currently a substitute judge in Loudoun. It seems those who serve as a judge or Guardian Ad Litem  seem to either the most gullible or stupid , at least in Loudoun.   Legally speaking, Loudoun does not contain the most acute legal minds. Only an idiot would accept this fraudulent memorandum , either an idiot or a judge.

Sinclair, was allegedly serving as the Guardian Ad Litem in the case involving Mr. Zveare. As the G-A-L she had the authority to seek more information from Mr. Zveare , which she did not do. She gladly accepted the memo as legitimate without questioning despite being made aware of the several discrepancies with the document. The primary issue is that the author of the memorandum did not exist and was not an employee of the US State Department,  Keep in mind Sinclair was being paid at taxpayers expense the sum of $150 per hour.

Ms. SInclair, judicial candidate, was made aware of the fact that Zveare misled the Court when he stated that he could not reveal his employment with the US State Department,  This information was and is public knowledge , Sinclair could have ascertained this information for herself; she didn’t.

Zveare had much assistance from Lorrie Sinclair and Thomas D. Horne, they made no effort to seek further information. They protected Zveare when he faced cross examination under oath.

However, the truth was and is being revealed about Zveare and his document , no thanks to the Court. This only demonstrates that the Courts in Loudoun have devolved into a Kangaroo Court. This is a small county, justice pretty much depends on who you know. Evidently Zveare knew the right people  or he knew the most gullible.



Loudoun County - Christopher Zveare and Lorrie Sinclair