Loudoun County – Christopher Zveare and a false memo



zvearesolomemorandum (2)

Perhaps someone should ask Christopher Zveare who Sally Cowen is. Perhaps this question should be asked outside of the Courtroom in Loudoun County. Inside the Courtroom,specifically that of Thomas D. Horne,  the memorandum was accepted as evidence without any scrutiny. In addition Judge Horne denied any and all discovery into the authenticity of the document. It was a kangaroo Court that was administered by Thomas D. Horne.  In subsequent hearings, Judge Horne was very protective of Zveare during cross-examination of the document, ensuring that he Zveare was able to avoid answering certain questions.

The purpose of this post is shed light on the unethical behavior of Christopher Zveare and Judge Horne and illustrate the very sorry state of affairs in Loudoun County,  Judge Horne knowingly  allowed the fraud to be committed.

Christopher Zveare apparently had no idea of who Sally Cowen was, Ms. Cowen was the alleged author of the memorandum. Zveare had no ideal what Ms. Cowen’s email address was nor what her phone number was. If this claim from Zveare is taken at face value, he seemed clueless as how to find any information about Ms. Cowen.

Zveare, at the time was an employee of the Department of State, which means he would have access to the Global Address List (GAL) on his email system. One has to wonder if Judge Horne did not know about Microsoft Exchange Server or what a Global  Address List is. This is entirely possible as Judge Horne was very close to 70 when Zveare submitted this memorandum.

Christopher Zveare and Judge Horne were evidently on the same page, even when Zveare admitted that the memorandum was partially wrong. Judge Horne was a willing participant in the fraud perpetuated by Zveare and his attorney.   When you are in the  Loudoun County Courthouse don’t expect much.


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