Loudoun County - Christopher Zveare submitted a false document


Christopher Zveare submitted a false document.  Zveare seems to be under the impression that he could not disclose who is employer was in Judge Horne’s courtroom  while under oath.  The State Department on the other hand,  had no issue with disclosing the fact that Christopher Zveare worked for the State Department at the time that Zveare submitted this memorandum tin Loudoun County. Yet ,  Zveare maintained that he was not allowed to disclose this in Court. Even more confusing is the fact the State Department publicly states the following from the following publicly available website.


“VOE — are you wanting to get in touch with the office that handles “Verification of Employment?” (VOE)
If so, the phone number is: 202-663-1880, and the email address is:


As you can see , they are no security concerns with verifying that an individual is employed by the State Department.  This runs counter to what Zveare testified to in  Court.

Unfortunately, Judge Thomas D. Horne and Lorrie SInclair ( Former Judicial Candidate) believed Zveare’s statements in  court.   It seems for the moment that Zveare may have gotten away with perjury but appearances can and perhaps might be deceiving.

Loudoun County - Christopher Zveare is confused about the State Department