Loudoun County – Should Christopher Zveare be concerned?


zvearesolomemorandum (2)


People change, times change but what doesn’t change is your sworn testimony and documents submitted as evidence in Court. Mr. Zveare has both on record.  He took an oath and swore that he was telling the truth. Should Zveare be concerned, lets examine the evidence.

The year 2015 has exposed numerous issues with the legal system, this applies to Courts around the Country. One has to remember that Loudoun is not immune, Zveare took advantage of this, he pulled a fast one with the assistance of Judge Thomas D. Horne.

Unfortunately for Zveare,  Horne is gone. The one person who was going to ensure that no inquiry would be made into Zveare’s memorandum is gone.

To Zveare’s chagrin, Lorrie Sinclair was not appointed as a Judge on the 20th Circuit Bench. She more than likely would also ensure  that Zveare would not be questioned about the memorandum. If she would have received the spot, she more than likely would have used her position to continue to protect Zveare.

Finally, new evidence and insight has been gained into the Memorandum and other claims made by Zveare.

In closing, “Time is the mother of truth, truth the daughter of time”.  The truth will shine in 2016.


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