Loudoun County – Christopher Zveare




The admission of evidence in a Courtroom , in theory should not be a game of smoke and mirrors. It should not be the case that a litigant can submit suspect documents and hope that a judge will not allow the documents to be impeached. This is exactly what happened in a case that involved Christopher Zveare with Judge Thomas D. Horne presiding.

In the case involving Christopher Zveare, this is exactly what happened.  In his corner he had one-time judicial candidate  Lorrie Sinclair. He also had in his corner the always very unethical Sandra Glenney. Most importantly, the jurist hearing his case Judge Thomas D. Horne. Horne was willing to do business. I must add that the every present Dr. Mary Lindahl was also in his corner.

The document that Zveare provided was expired, no longer in use by the Federal Government.  The document wasn’t signed and there was no contact information for the alleged author Sally Cowen. One must keep in mind that Judge Horne , in his career, has seen a vast multitude of documents. He knew that this document was suspect.

Judge Horne was told that the author of the memorandum, Sally Cowen, could not be found. He was also told that Zveare’s claims of national security as to why he couldn’t reveal the name of his employer were bogus. Judge Horne did not care, he denied any and all discovery.

Christopher Zveare was confident , for some reason , that Horne would not require any type of discovery. It was a debacle  and disgrace in the Courtroom.  Zveare felt very comfortable submitting this very suspect document, one wonders why,


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