Loudoun County Bar Association – Judicial Qualification and Evaluation Committee



The judicial selection process is not transparent and when a process is not transparent it is vulnerable to abuse. However in Loudoun County (part of the 20th Circuit) we do know that the process starts with the Loudoun County Bar Association. The Judicial Candidates for the 20th Circuit are selected by the Loudoun County Bar Judicial Qualification and Evaluation Committee.  The local bar does not provide any information on their selection process. We know that the process starts in the local bar but we do not know what the process is.

We did not even know the members of the Judicial Qualification and Evaluation Committee. The candidates selected by the local bar through a process which is hidden to the public and by members of a Committee that are unknown to the public, this seems problematic. The candidates are selected by a process that is void of any public scrutiny. To the best of this writer’s knowledge that bar has no mechanism to allow for public input; the public is shutout from the process. This makes the process susceptible to moral lapses, Virginia has experienced quite a bit of moral lapses of late.

Keep in mind that taxpayers pay the salary of a local judge, therefore it would be expected that the public would have some input. At this point, as far as the citizens know, candidate could be chosen for all the wrong reasons and they probably are.

The cases of prosecutorial and judicial misconduct are frightening, for Loudoun County to have a process that is so secretive is troubling and must be changed.




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