Loudoun County – Alex Levay the judicial choice



The following article is an interview with Mr. Alelxaner Levay concerning the Bruce McLaughlin case. It does a good job of listing the details of the case, such as child suggestibility and manipulation by the other parent, It would have been useful if the article mentioned that Lorrie Sinclair was involved as the opposing counsel. In any possible universe it is impossible to imagine that Lorrie Sinclair would ever become a judge in Loudoun County. She was involved in an attempt to incarcerate an innocent man,

Mr. Levay’s appointment brings a new dynamic to the bench, he is familiar with the perils of psychological testimony and to be blunt , he is aware of the incompetence  of Loudoun Child Protective Services, especially their interview techniques.  I am sure that the CPS management will be somewhat timid when Judge Levay presides over a case. This definitely applies to Sandra Glenney , her cases might be heard Judge Levay. A judge who will be aware of the research concerning child suggestibility much more than she is.  It will be interesting when Alexander Levay becomes Judge Levay.

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