Loudoun County – 20th Circuit Just say no to Lorrie Sinclair



Today in Richmond at 3pm Ms. Jeanette Irby will be interviewed for the Circuit Court Judicial vacancy in the 20th Circuit. I will not completely relax until she is confirmed but I am pleased that Lorrie Sinclair is not being interviewed. I sincerely wish Ms. Irby the best and I wish Lorrie Sinclair would quit the charade.

The citizens of Loudoun and the 20th Circuit do not realize the near catastrophe that was averted by the 20th Circuit legislators not recommending Sinclair. If there is someone who is not qualified, it is Sinclair. She typically prowls around the Judicial Circuit as a Guardian Ad Litem collecting her $150 dollars per hour. She does nothing as a G-A-L other than rubber stamp any motion that Sandra Glenney places before the Court. You can’t spell kangaroo court without Sinclair. I apologize for offending any kangaroos with that last statement.

Glenney and Sinclair act as a team in Loudoun County, if you are involved in a case with either of them please keep that in mind. For some reason, Sinclair keeps getting pushed by the bar; a reason I cannot fathom. One has to remember she has many friends at the County Attorney’s Office and the Commonwealths Attorney’s office. I am sure they are pushing for her appointment; she no doubt would ensure that both offices would benefit from her appointment.




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