Loudoun County - 20th Circuit Judicial Nominee is not Lorrie Sinclair

Good news fellow citizens, Ms. Jeanette Irby are being interviewed on September 17th at 3pm for the Judicial Vacancy in the 20th Circuit. I very happy for Ms. Irby and wish her the best during her interview.

I am more excited for the citizens, in that Lorrie Sinclair is not being interviewed.  If Ms. Sinclair were elected it would abhorrent to the legal system.  Currently Ms. Sinclair pretends to serve as a Guardian Ad Litem and bills the county at $150 per hour. Prior to this she worked in the Commonwealth’s Attorney.  The citizens must ensure that she does not gain the nomination in the 20th Circuit.  If Ms. Sinclair were to gain the nomination it would be a setback for the 20th Circuit.

In order to do this it is critical to write the legislators in the 20th Circuit, so as to inform them of the numerous issues with Ms. Sinclair. The legislators are listed below.

The senators are: Jennifer Wexton (33), Barbara Favola (31), Richard Black (13), Mark Obenshain (26) and Jill Vogel (27).Senate:

senate district31/Senate <district31@senate.virginia.gov, “senate district33/Senate” <district33@senate.virginia.gov, senate district27/Senate <district27@senate.virginia.gov, senate district13/Senate <district13@senate.virginia.gov, senate district26/Senate <district26@senate.virginia.gov,

House of Delegates:
Michael J Webert <DelMWebert@house.virginia.gov, Dave A LaRock <DelDLaRock@house.virginia.gov, James M LeMunyon <DelJLeMunyon@house.virginia.gov, Scott Lingamfelter <DelSLingamfelter@house.virginia.gov, Thomas A Greason <DelTGreason@house.virginia.gov, Tom Rust <DelTRust@house.virginia.gov, Barbara J Comstock <DelBComstock@house.virginia.gov, Mark Cole <DelMCole@house.virginia.gov

20th Judicial Circuit Nominess is not Lorrie Sinclair