Lorrie Sinclair’s lawsuit against Zeta Phi Beta



We are fast approaching the retirement of Judge Burke McCahill, which means we are fast approaching the selection of his replacement,  Unfortunately, Ms. Sinclair has placed her name in the mix again; this is the third time.

I’ve posted Sinclair’s lawsuit filing against her sorority but it is important to note that the Judge in the case  noted something quite unique about the lawsuit.  The judge issued an order to Show Cause in response to  Sinclair’s ridiculous claim of mental anguish and other damages for $76,000.  Please read an excerpt from the orde

“Without any explanation or support, plaintiff asks for compensatory damages in the amount of $76,000, attorney’s fees and costs, as well as a temporary restraining order and preliminary and permanent injunction.  ”

Sinclair dismissed he suit only a few days after the order for Show Cause, she had no basis for filing the lawsuit to begin with. It could be argued that it was a frivolous lawsuit. It is inexplicable that she would seek 76,000 in damages. This is not the behavior of judicial material,  I am curious how many members of legal community in Loudoun are aware of the lawsuit.

I cannot imagine that the Loudoun local bar would forward her name to the local legislators for consideration if they were aware of this ridiculous lawsuit.



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