Lorrie Sinclair, Sandra Glenney – They love junk science



Lorrie Sinclair, Sandra Glenney – They love junk science. Another very concerning aspect of the possibility of Ms. Sinclair becoming a judge is her association with Sandra Glenney and her embrace of junk science.  During Ms. Sinclair’s assignment’s as a Guardian Ad Litem, she will often work hand in hand with Sandra Glenney.  Sandra Glenney most definitely embraces junk science, in one case she was willing to use the services of Dr. Joyanna Silberg, past president of the ISSTD ( a fringe pseudo-scientific organization). Ms. Sinclair served as the GAL during the very same case and expressed no issues with pseudo-scientific mental health professionals.

Sinclair has shown no critical thinking skills  when allowing experts to testify, She will easily accept, without scrutiny, any expert offered by Sandra Glenney.  There is no reason, to expect that she will perform any different , if she is selected as a judge. Junk-science will prevail if Sinclair is elected to the bench. This is a scary possibility if she is allowed to ascend to the bench, a defendant and their attorney will have an uphill battle. Sinclair will allow junk-science testimony.

Sinclair , during the retrial of Bruce McLaughlin, observed and heard the testimony of Dr. Maggie Bruck. She knows what real science sounds like but instead she chooses to side with therapists who deal in junk-science.

Expert testimony is a critical component of a trial and our legal system, there is no room for junk-science. Sinclair , if elected, will open the Courts in Loudoun to the junk science “expert”.



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