Loudoun CPS, Sandra Glenney , Christopher Zveare – Chicanery in Loudoun part 2


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There are reports that Loudoun is one of the, if not the most wealthiest county in the United States.  I believe Loudoun is also deserving of another title, the “most corrupt in Virginia”.  There  are many Counties that could vie for this honor, but Loudoun has compelling reasons to have this honor bestowed. It excels at corruption  and has the appropriate personnel to vie for that title.

Reason number one why Loudoun should be considered the most corrupt county , the ever-present Sandra Glenney,  Assistant County Attorney. What part does she play in this. Simply put Sandra Glenney and her understanding of the justice system turns the Court System in  Loudoun into a Kangaroo Court System.  Her interpretations of laws and discovery evidence is frightening.  She , through her actions, has no regard for the rights of the accused. She should be removed from office immediately. Mainly it is her poor pathetic choices of psychologists.  Psychologists who will conceal any exculpatory information and psychologists who believe in Satanic Ritual Abuse. To take it a step further, Judges in Loudoun allow them to qualify as expert witnesses.

Secondly, Loudoun Child Protective Services , I can’t say enough bad things about Loudoun CPS. They are corrupt, incompetent , lazy and just plain dumb. There social workers are poorly trained , who believe in any bogus claims of abuse. At the top of this list is Benjamin Smith.  Smith tops the list. he is quite the perjurer on the stand while under oath.  Loudoun CPS is notorious for concealing evidence to win their cases.

Finally , Christopher Zveare tops the list as to why Loudoun is in the running for the most corrupt County. What can I say, Zveare submitted a very bogus memorandum, allegedly from the US State Department, The memo had his incorrect employment dates and among other things. I should mention that Zveare had incredible support from Sandra Glenney, Lorrie Sinclair and Judge Thomas D. Horne during his attempt to commit fraud on the Court.

Honorable mention goes to Judge Thomas D. Horne. Horne went out of his way to protect Zveare while Zveare testified on the stand under oath.  So as you can see, the folks that should preserve integrity and justice are the ones who corrupt it.  Loudoun County, ethically speaking is challenged with no remedy in site.


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