Lorrie Sinclair – Judicial Evaluation




The latest judicial evaluations provided to the 20th Circuit legislators includes the evaluation of Lorrie Sinclair. The evaluations are located here. The evaluation commends Lorrie Sinclair for her duties as a Guardia Ad Litem (GAL). This is severely in error.

“Ms. Sinclair has been a principal at the law firm of Biberaj, Snow & Sinclair PC since January 2015.  For the six and half years prior to that, she was a principal in the law firm of Sinclair Taylor PLLC, in Leesburg.  Her practice encompasses a wide range of legal areas including criminal defense (felony and misdemeanors for both adults and juveniles), family law (including divorce, child custody, visitation and support), guardianships, conservatorships, personal injury, estate planning, probate and civil litigation. She has qualified as and regularly serves as guardian ad litem for juveniles and, formerly, for incapacitated adults, and courtappointed counsel in criminal cases for misdemeanors, felonies, and juvenile matters. ”

She definitely serves as guardian ad litem for children, the Virginia Women’s Attorney’s Association mentions this. Evidently they are not aware of how horrible and miserable she performs her duties.  The memorandum above, submitted by US Department of State employee, Christopher Zveare was accepted without scrutiny by Lorrie Sinclair, Guardian Ad Litem . Lorrie Sinclair, made no attempt to validate the document because it was politically expedient to do so. Is this behavior that you want from a judge, imagine if someone’s liberty is at stake and she is careless with evidence, its horrible.

Imagine, if she ever convinced the local bar associations and the legislators to nominate and appoint her to the bench, how her Court Room would be ran. It would akin to a third world country .  Reading the judicial evaluation , it is apparent Lorrie Sinclair does not have the character and integrity to become a judge, The reasons why will be discussed in detail very shortly.

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