Lorrie Sinclair Guardian Ad Litem and Christopher Zveare




I strongly contend that Lorrie Sinclair should not be a judge in the 20th Circuit of Virginia, this includes serving as a special justice.  Sinclair was noted for her service as a Guardian Ad Litem in her judicial evaluation.  The local bar and the Virginia Women’s Attorney’s Association need to scrutinize Lorrie Sinclair’s  performance as a Guardian Ad Litem.

You cannot separate Christopher Zveare and Lorrie Sinclair, as far as her service as a Guardian Ad Litem is concerned.  As a Guardian Ad Litem , Sinclair had the authority to speak to other professionals and obtain medical records. In the case involving Zveare, she chose to minimally perform her duties.

Zveare submitted a fake document allegedly from the US Department of State. The document can only be considered as fake as the employment dates for Zveare are incorrect and the authenticity of the document could not be verified. This despite the fact that Sinclair  had the authority to verify the document . She could have investigated why the dates on the memorandum were incorrect. She could have simply questioned Zveare about the dates but she chose not to.  Is this judicial material , is this Guardian Ad Litem Material?

The opposing side was forced to utilize the services of a private detective to find Zveare’s employer. Again Sinclair had the authority to obtain all of the information but she chose not to. Keep in mind, Sinclair is paid for her duties as a Guardian Ad Litem, as citizens we are paying for this type of performance. It is disgusting.

In short, if Sinclair is selected as a Guardian Ad Litem for your case it would be wise to be aware of her past performance. It would be best to simply file a motion and have her removed . This may not succeed but it would let Sinclair know that you are watching her closely and that her behavior is being observed closely.

From all appearances , she will continue to strive to be a judge.  She has attempted to become a judge at the Circuit Court level three times, she has failed all three times. She will be sensitive to any kind of scrutiny, You do have leverage, if she is not performing her duties , by all means contact the 20th Circuit Legislators, as they have a strong voice who is selected as a judge.


Lorrie Sinclair Guardian Ad Litem and Christopher Zveare