Lorrie Sinclair (Sandra Glenney) - 20th Judicial Circuit Candidate Loudoun County

Lorrie Sinclair aspires to be a judge in the 20th Judicial Circuit; this is concerning.  Ms. Sinclair formerly worked as an Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney in Loudoun County, this is concerning as well. It is well documented that there are too many judges who have never defended a client but instead have served as a prosecutor or as an assistant prosecutor. Ms. Sinclair fits this pattern; she is not a competent choice to be a judge.

Lorrie Sinclair also serves periodically as a Guardian Ad Litem, in theory this is an unbiased position; not so with Ms. Sinclair.  In her previous services as a Guardian Ad Litem, Sinclair has been anything but impartial and unbiased.  In one specific case she failed to conduct the most rudimentary investigation. There is no doubt that Ms. Sinclair will bring this intellectually lazy attitude to the bench, if she is chosen. She simply ignores facts and evidence that contradict her belief system. Even when confronted with evidence, tangible evidence Ms. Sinclair chooses to ignore it because it contradicts her belief system.

Another problem with Ms. Sinclair is her relationship with Sandra Glenney. As mentioned in a previous post and to the detriment of Loudoun County, Ms. Glenney acts as chief counsel for Child Protective Services in Loudoun County. The citizens of Loudoun County should be embarrassed and very concerned about someone of this caliber working for the County. The issues with Sandra Glenney are numerous and disturbing, it is highly doubtful that Ms. Sinclair would ever rule against Sandra Glenney and CPS.  They would turn the system into a kangaroo court and the verdict would be decided before the parties walked into the Courtroom.

A judge’s decision can have a devastating effect upon an individual and his or her family. The decision needs to be based on reliable evidence not someone’s belief. Ms. Sinclair does not have the ability to separate her belief systems from evidence.  It is important to mention that she is religious as well; this is mentioned in that religious people habitually choose belief over evidence. As is well documented in other periodicals, corruption is rampant in the legal system and the incompetence of its players is staggering. In Loudoun County, Sinclair will only make the situation worse.

The judicial process in Virginal is secretive enough as is. Quite frankly, the citizens typically know nothing or very little about a judicial candidate.  We don’t know who is being selected and why they are being selected. The person is chosen by other attorneys, typically their friends. In the case of Sinclair she would be very agreeable to CPS, Sandra Glenney and the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office. She will not be agreeable to a defense attorney who wants to put up a vigorous defense. Her courtroom would resemble that of a courtroom described in the Trial by Kafka.

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Lorrie Sinclair (Sandra Glenney) - 20th Judicial Circuit Candidate Loudoun County