Jack Roberts Retirement – Loudoun County Attorney’s Office


Times change and eras come to an end; effective tomorrow on July 1 Mr. Roberts will be officially retired from the position of the County Attorney for Loudoun.  I have never personally met or spoken with Mr. Roberts but I have seen and experienced the culture that he either tolerates or promotes.

Sandra Glenney serves, or rather served under Mr. Roberts; inexplicably her behavior was tolerated under his watch. This year will mark a turning part for Northern Virginia for a few reasons. The primary reason is that Metro is coming to Reston and phase II has already started. Loudoun can no longer remain a backwater that it is currently. The local government will be forced to adapt to the influx of new people and new ideas.

In addition to metro coming, Mr. Roberts and Judge Horne will be retiring; it is time for a change. As I ride on the OandD trail and pass Vienna going east, I cannot help but notice the change in culture. 20-30 miles east of Loudoun transports one to a different universe, one full of vibrant ideas and a thriving culture; it is shockingly different from Loudoun. A prime example, the DC Council wants the Washington Football team to change name, while Loudoun completely supports the team.  Loudoun is not a diverse county and has very antiquated ideas.

Mr. Roberts and Judge Horne are a product of their environment and they bring their ideas and biases to their respective positions despite the existence of more modern ideas. I am sure when they were both practicing young attorneys people had the  up most respect for the justice system  and no one considered that it may be fallible.  Due to the often cases of prosecutorial and judicial misconduct, people now  realize the legal system is incredibly flawed. In the case of Judge Horne, I doubt that he even considers that the judicial system may be flawed; he has been on the bench for too long. He most assuredly doesn’t like it when people point at the flaws to him.

As mentioned before, the office that Mr. Roberts oversaw is tarnished by the continuing presence of Sandra Glenney. She is not truth-seeker; she wants to win her cases out all costs. I can go on about the issues with Sandra Glenney but will refrain from doing so.

Things change, the mascot for the Washington football team is no longer cool and is under scrutiny by many groups including the United Nations and several US Senators. Things change , let’s hope that the new County Attorney and the new Judge who will replace Judge Horne will bring new ideas and a more modern thought process.

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