Indian Boarding Schools – Child Protective Services



The similarities between the Indian Boarding Schools and Child Protective Services are striking. Both were designed to break the family bond and both masqueraded as helping children. Child Protective Services removes children from loving parents as did the Indian Boarding schools. In both cases, it is legal kidnapping, methods were different but intentions are the same.

During the Boarding school era, children were taken and shipped hundreds of miles away to a boarding school. CPS does things a little differently but with the same intention. Today they use a Court order and testimony from their psychologist to separate a child and a parent, the goal is the same.

The children who were ensnared into the Indian Boarding school suffered mental, physical and psychological abuse. Children who are ensnared in the proceedings of CPS suffer the same type of abuse. Children are harassed by social workers and psychologist which is psychological abuse. Both systems need children to stay in business, children were needed to feed the Boarding school machine. In the case of CPS, children are needed to justify the salary of social workers and the attorney’s who represents the agency. In Loudoun County, the citizens do not realize how many people make money off of a CPS case. A  Guardian Ad Litem must be paid and several psychologist must be paid to keep the machine going. Children and innocent families are needed to feed the machine.

They both hide behind the image of legitimacy; they both fail miserably in helping children. The citizens can only hope that CPS will be abolished as the Indian Boarding schools were.

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