Ignorance in Loudoun County Virginia – Redskins name change


To be sure, the citizens of Loudoun have several things to lower our  heads  in complete embarrassment for. Sandra Glenney, Lorrie Sinclair and the judiciary to name a few. To this ill reputed list we can now add that our Board of Supervisors supports the Washington football team using a racist name. This support is completely financially motivated and is not restrained by any sense of decency or respect.

Enlightened areas such as DC have seen the city council speak out against the name but not Loudoun. The board in Loudoun voted unanimously that the Football team can call itself what it wants. I would normally agree with this assertion but not when it comes to a racist name. This is in direct contrast to what other cities are doing, including Washington DC. As a nation, we realized that racial slurs are wrong quite some time ago. The natives are the most disenfranchised minority in the Country and one of the more persecuted. One must remember that they were the majority until the attempted genocide of their population; incredibly the Board doesn’t get that.

The genocidal attempt of the Natives was followed by the boarding school experiment. Our treatment of the natives has been abysmal, to put it mildly. The insults continue to this day most notably in the use of disparaging names like r”". I will not mention the name here. Every moral and educated person realizes that what happened to the Natives was wrong and can never be justified. This does not say much about the local board in Loudoun; either they are not aware of the history or they simply don’t care. With complete assurance I can say that ignorance is in abundance in Loudoun, this is evident by our leaders but I did not realize that the County promotes disparaging names.


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