Loudoun County CPS – Corruption



Child Protection Services (CPS) harms children, especially the local CPS agency in Loudoun County, VA. The public perception of CPS is that they are an honorable organization which protects children. This is not consistent with reality. The organization is staffed with personnel who are more concerned with winning their cases than helping children.  The local agency has severe ethical shortcomings and a propensity to conceal evidence.

The public needs to be enlightened to the reality of CPS and the dangers of it.  The case workers receive inadequate training and are not reprimanded when they blatantly break protocol and in some cases the law.  The agency does not correct itself, rather it defends itself.  The agency feels that it operates above the law and is above criticism. When an individual points out problems with the agency, the agency takes on the role of a victim.

CPS operates in the shadows and with very little oversight. The burden of proof that CPS has to clear is so very low, during a hearing CPS has all the cards, they do not have to release any records for 45 days. A defendant is forced to attend multiple hearings without any records or notes from an investigation. It is very similar to the Salem Witch Trials, which the defendants could not question their accuser and the spectral evidence was permitted. In the world of CPS, psychological testimony has replaced spectral evidence; they are both the same.

Anyone who is dealing with Loudoun County CPS should be aware that the agency will conceal evidence, will provide false testimony and will be completely unethical.


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