CPS Training Material


The following links below are  the required training of a CPS worker and investigators.  I would encourage anyone who is currently falsely accused of sexual abuse to study the material and use it during their trail.

1. Child Abuse Accommodation Syndrome (CAAS) , this was used heavily in the 80′s during the Satanic Panic and DayCare Hysteria. This syndrome which is taught to the social workers is not science and is not accepted in most U.S. Courts.

CPS and Child Abuse Accommodation Syndrome (CAAS)

2. The training that CPS receives on the issue of retractions, essentially they do not believe that a retraction indicates that abuse did not occur. Keep in mind their psychologist will have the same opinion.


3.  The following CPS document is a guideline for determining the credibility of the accusing parent.


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