The chef – Todd Schneider


Todd Schneider, the former chef for the ex- Governor is at the center of the scandal. With all of the motions being filed by the attorneys in the case , the chef is being forgotten.  No doubt the political establishment wants him to be forgotten .Unfortunately, the press is forgetting about the chef as well. The chef and his attorney were the ones who brought the ex-Governor’s actions to the attention of the press; the citizens of Virginia should be thankful for this. It wasn’t the former Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli, who opened the investigation although it should have been.  If you recall, Ken Cuccinelli also accepted gifts from the Star Scientific CEO, Jonnie Williams.  Cuccinelli could not start the investigation because he himself had unclean hands.

Among the three, the chef appears to be the most honest in this situation; he never accepted funds from Jonnie Williams. He was however targeted by Ken Cuccinelli for prosecution. Cuccinelli targeted him despite the attorney general himself accepting money from Williams; this is repulsive in so many ways.

There are many who think that the chef was targeted, perhaps because he knew and saw too much. According to Cuccinelli’s track record, this is plausible. Unfortunately it shows what is happening in Virginia currently. The elected officials have been behaving in such an atrocious manner which has completely eroded all confidence in the State Government. This extends to the local Government here in Loudoun as well.

In this case, Cuccinelli’s bullying backfired and resulted in the chef going to the press and handing all  of the incriminating documents to the FBI.  Thankfully, the behavior of the former Governor and Cuccinelli has come to the public light. The chef could have rolled over and played dead but instead he stood up to the bully. Virginia is better off for his actions.

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