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Loudoun County – Lorrie Sinclair judicial candidate



Recently, the Loudoun  Times published an article concerning the lack of diversity on the bench in Loudoun. The local chapter of the NAACP conducted a study of the breakdown of the surrounding counties and their benches. There is indeed an astounding lack of diversity. I agree with the NAACP concerning the lack of diversity.  However, the study and article hinted  that competent minority candidates were put forward in Loudoun County.  These candidates were Lorrie SInclair and Zaida Thompson.

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Loudoun County – Lorrie Sinclair


siclairmemorandum (2)

As we enter into they year 2016, the citizens of Loudoun can take comfort that a tremendous disaster was avoided, Lorrie Sinclair is not sitting on the Circuit Bench in Loudoun. I know that this is a tremendous blow to Sandra Glenney who’s winning percentage would more than likely skyrocketed if Sinclair ascend to the bench.

They are multiple reasons why Sinclair failing to reach the bench is a very good thing.

1). She believes and goes along with the non-sense that Sandra Glenney puts forth in Court.

2.)  As a Guardian -Ad Litem, she is atrocious, she is lazy and does not have the best-interest of the child at heart.

3.) She believes the psycho babble that Glenney’s psychologist  puts forth in Court.

4) She is most assuredly not qualified to have such a position.

5) Only a person who exceedingly biased and has no critical thinking skills would believe that the memorandum above is real.  Judge Thomas “the” Horne also was fooled by Christopher Zveare. Either Horne and Sinclair are that lacking in critical thinking or just very incompetent in their fields.


Loudoun CPS, Sandra Glenney , Christopher Zveare – Chicanery in Loudoun part 2


glenneysinclair2zvearesolomemorandum (2)


There are reports that Loudoun is one of the, if not the most wealthiest county in the United States.  I believe Loudoun is also deserving of another title, the “most corrupt in Virginia”.  There  are many Counties that could vie for this honor, but Loudoun has compelling reasons to have this honor bestowed. It excels at corruption  and has the appropriate personnel to vie for that title.

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Loudoun County – Christopher Zveare and Lorrie Sinclair


memorandum (2)zvearesolosinclair2

Have you ever heard the expression you can’t fool all of the people all of the time but you can some of the people some of the time. Well this theory doesn’t hold in Loudoun County, Christopher and the fraudulent memorandum inexplicably fooled all of the people all of the time in the Courtroom of the highly regarded  Judge Thomas D. Horne.

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