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Loudoun CPS – Christopher Zveare and the State Department




Christopher Zveare, despite his unwillingness to disclose in Court, is employed by the US State Department. To remove all doubt, he has been nominated for a promotion. I will refer to PN2370 , Curiously enough the Committee on Foreign Relations has to approve the nomination.   A hearing is pending, a very public hearing.

Previously, under the protection of Judge Thomas D. Horne, whom I like to call Judge the Horne, Zveare got away with submitting bogus documents.  Now the arena moves to the US Senate with a real hearing open to the public.

With this said, these bogus documents may just see the light of day. Zveare may learn that you cannot suppress the truth forever.


Loudoun County Judicial – Alex Levay vs. Lorrie Sinclair



The two attorney’s above are a study in contrast, a stark  contrast. Alex Levay on the left, Lorrie Sinclair on the right.  They are connected by one case, the case of Bruce McLaughlin.  Levay exonerated McLaughlin, while Sinclair sought to keep McLaughlin imprisoned.  Levay’s work in the case was brilliant. It included finding evidence that was not presented during the original trial and presenting the theory of Child Suggestibility during the retrial.  Sinclair’s position on the case was of a somewhat differ nature. One could say, it was to maintain the status quo regardless of the truth.

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Loudoun County – Why Lorrie Sinclair should not be a judge


siclairmemorandum (2)


A judge is a very serious and critical position within out society; it is not to be taken lightly. That is why Lorrie Sinclair should not be considered as a  judge in Loudoun County.  Sinclair has attempted to become a judge three times and failed. Lets examine why she should not be selected as a judge.

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