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Loudoun CPS – Monica Zveare – When the children get older


The case of Ray Spencer should server as an inspiration to the falsely accused. The children will remember the truth and begin to see the lies of the falsely accusing parent . It is important to keep all of your case files, videos and audios. Your child will want to see this. and know what happened.


Loudoun CPS – Benjamin Smith


Benjamin Smith is an example of the typical social worker that is employed by Loudoun County Child Protective Services. In addition to being extremely incompetent , Benjamin is incredibly dishonest.  His testimony in Court consists of perjury, it is incredible that he ever was employed by the County.





Loudoun CPS – Sandra Glenney , Benjamin Smith and CPS haven’t learned anything




In Loudoun County , as far as Loudoun County Child Protective Services go , it is the same old thing. Benjamin Smith, former Loudoun CPS worker, is your typical dishonest and poorly trained social worker.  Reading the very tragic cases of the 80′s and 90′s and the innocent people who were caught during that time frame is disheartening.  It is more disheartening in that Loudoun CPS hasn’t learned anything from those cases. So many cases stand out but the case of Margaret Kelly  Michaels looms very large.

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