Becoming a judge is a dirty game – Lorrie Sinclair 20th Judicial Circuit


Judicial Selection is a dirty game, case in point, Martha Ketron in Russell County daughter of recently resigned Senator Phil Puckett. This illuminates several issues, one of the issues being that politics in Virginia is extremely corrupt and this corruption filters down to the appointments of Judges.

The Senator resigned in order to pave the way for his daughter’s appointment to the bench. He did this as the State Legislature in Virginia is struggling to pass a budget. There are rumors that he was bribed to resign and perhaps he was promised that his daughter would be appointed if he stepped aside. I am inclined to agree with this belief. The judicial selection process is terribly flawed.

To bring the matter specifically to Loudoun County, let’s talk about the candidate Lorrie Sinclair for the 20th Judicial Circuit. It is hard to imagine, that there is a more undeserving candidate than Lorrie Sinclair. She has demonstrated a willingness to overlook any real evidence to get the outcome she wants.  She is not the type of Judge Loudoun needs. It is shameful that the local bar in Loudoun would even place her name as a candidate for the judicial vacancy in the 20th Circuit.

This episode with ex-Senator Phil Puckett and his daughter demonstrate that the judicial selection process in Virginia is not very open or fair. Sinclair is a prime example of this.

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