Lorrie Sinclair - Where is the outrage?



There is substantial and justified outrage over Alexanders’ Acosta’s handling of the Jeffrey Epstein case. I agree with the outrage, there was substantial evidence for prosecuting Epstein. Instead Acosta agreed to a plea deal.

Sinclair is opposite to Acosta. Acosta let a guilty man go, Sinclair tried to send an innocent man back to prison, of course I am referring to Bruce McLaughlin. Incredibly, she has garnered very little criticism for this; at least publicly.  The State Senators and other public officials are aware of this. Somehow locally, she has faced no backlash for this.

I will say it  and keep saying it, the evidence was so overwhelming that McLaughlin was falsely convicted.  He should have simply been let go without a retrial.  Sinclair wasn’t the Commonwealth Attorney but she did work in the office and on the McLaughlin case. Just like Acosta, her hands are not clean.

Inexplicably, on several occasions she has attempted to become a judge.  You did not get promoted for trying to send an innocent man back to prison.

Again , as far as Sinclair is concerned, where is the outrage?



Loudoun CPS - Sandra Glenney (Witch-finder General)




Sandra Glenney, aka  Loudoun County’s Witch-finder General. Akin to Matthew Hopkins of old England, Glenney is witch-hunter.  Matthew Hopkins did not provide any evidence to secure a conviction , neither does Glenney. She only provide suspicion and innuendo, much like a witch-finder. Instead of spectral evidence, Glenney users “certain” psychologists. Hopkins used women to look for the witches mark, Glenney uses “certain” psychologists” to force a disclosure.

Although, Matthew Hopkins probably had a higher standard of evidence.  Glenney only has to prove the miserably low  “Preponderance of Evidence”. She continually fails to meet this low standard.  It would be a very close call to decide who is more ethical.  I would argue that Matthew Hopkins is  more honest and truthful.

Glenney has demonstrated that she will condone dishonesty. She will ignore science and the latest literature.  Glenney prefers opinion over fact. much like Matthew Hopkins.

We in Loudoun County, we have our own witch-finder, her name is Sandra Glenney.

Lorrie Sinclair NAACP and Phillip Thompson



There is quite a bit of controversy concerning the vacancy on the 20th Circuit bench and wouldn’t you know it  Lorrie Sinclair is at the center of it.  Sinclair seems to think that the NAACP is going to push her to the bench. With that enter Phillip Thompson, who sees racism everywhere and who believes Sinclair should ascend to the bench based on race.

Is Phillip Thompson a racist, google his name. He makes plenty of incendiary remarks. What has he accomplished in Loudoun, other than making ridiculous  statements. You know, how it was racist that he got pulled over by a cop. You know, how he was all over the fake receipt at Anita’s. Now he has taken up the case of Lorrie Sinclair,  in his world view Sinclair is the victim of cold hard cruel white racism. In reality , she is not a good candidate.

Justice is blind, that’s the theory. Loudoun may need a minority candidate but it isn’t Sinclair.



Lorrie Sinclair - She will not go away



Lorrie Sinclair simply will not go away, despite her inadequacies as a Judicial candidate.  This does not stop Sinclair from incredibly believing she is a qualified candidate.  James P. Fisher has already been interviewed, which was successful. However the local Loudoun Bar doesn’t seem to like James P. Fisher  article here.  When Lorrie Sinclair is your front running candidate,  you know you are in trouble. Sinclair is not judicial material. The Loudoun Bar is completely off base with recommending Sinclair. Her appointment would be an example of failing upwards.  Not to mention that she attempted to prosecute an innocent man, Bruce McLaughlin.

Sinclair has made no notable achievement to the Loudoun Legal community.unless you count suing your sorority and trying to incarcerate an innocent person.  The local bar, they are discrediting themselves by supporting Sinclair.




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