Additional Judge for 20th Judicial Circuit


As many may know, there is currently a vacancy in the 20th Judicial
Circuit. The role of a judge is vital and the results of a judicial decision
can extend for many years. The appointment of a judge is no small matter and
should not be left solely in the hands of the Loudoun County Bar Association,
which is what happened in this case. The citizens of the 20th Judicial Circuit
should be outraged that attorneys in the local bar can put forth someone that may not be qualified to serve as judge but instead may select a friend. One has
to wonder if the attorneys who helped select the judge when trying a case in
front of that judge would receive special treatment. The current process is
flawed and does a severe disservice to the judicial system. The public, for the most part, is unaware of the candidates that the local bar selects. It is too important of a matter to allow it to be hijacked by the local bar association in Loudoun.

Lucas A. Baal


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