20th Judicial Circuit Candidate


It appears that Ms. Jeanette Irby will be the candidate for the 20th Judicial Vacancy.  I would encourage all citizens in the 20th Circuit to investigate and critically examine the credentials of the candidate.

The selection of a Judge is of the most critical importance. Unfortunately, poor candidates are sometimes selected to be a judge.  The selection of a judge needs to be transparent so as to have more oversight by the public.

On a side note the following link (http://www.truthovercomfort.net/) provides a wealth of information concerning the numerous issues with the Child Protective Service Agency.  The CPS agency in Loudoun is a deeply troubled agency. Loudoun CPS needs to be investigated by an un-biased third party.  Let’s hope that the new Judge will be skeptical of any claim and case that the local agency brings before the Court. However, the judge and CPS work for the same boss, the State. This makes it difficult for a Judge to do the right thing and make a just decision.  Normally a judge will take the easy path and  rule for CPS.


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