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Loudoun CPS – Christopher Zveare US State Department




Judge Horne, Lorrie Sinclair and Sandra Glenney all allowed Christopher Zveare to submit fraudulent documents in Court,  Horne refused to allow discovery of the documents, Sinclair (masquerading as the Guardian Ad Litem) refused to do her job and investigate the documents. Glenney in her consistently confused condition allowed perjury to win her case.

Fast forward, to today, the facade is on the verge of crumbling. Zveare, must evidently have an extremely low level of intelligence. He is up for a very public promotion , a promotion which requires a public hearing ,

Zveare, with much confidence, submitted false documents. I have to wonder how did he know that all discovery would be blocked.  The public hearing for his promotion will not involve Judge Horne, Lorrie Sinclair or Sandra Glenney. He will have no one to protect him or make bogus objections which Judge Horne will sustain.

The appropriate Senators have been contacted, documents provided to them. The hearing will be attended by certain people with certain documents.   Finally, Zveare will have to answer for his perjury.