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Loudoun CPS – A lack of oversight




Some localities are more reason based than others, Loudoun is not one of those counties. The local Child Protective Services in Loudoun has two problem children Sanda Glenney and Laurie Warhol.  They are under trained , unqualified but unfortunately they head CPS. The control CPS with a total lack of oversight a complete lack of oversight.

The following document from the grand jury report of the San Diego Child Protection Services contains a statement that applies to Loudoun County Child Protective Services.

“It is unlikely that the following behavioral patterns apply to all CPS workers. In a system of hundreds of employees it seems likely there must be a few “good apples”. Yet they appear to be rare. If a citizen of San Diego believes the stereotype of CPS social workers as duplicitous abusive liars who will harm children and parents and do so without reasonable care for facts and without available means of recourse, it is with good reason.

Loudoun CPS is an abusive organization, if any of the employees it is a rarity. It is incomprehensible that an honest person can survive in the environment established by Warhol and Glenney. Unfortunately with no oversight , this behavior remains hidden. At least in San Diego the Grand Jury does report on it, in Loudoun there is nothing.  This must change,



Loudoun CPS – Christopher Zveare and the State Department




Christopher Zveare, despite his unwillingness to disclose in Court, is employed by the US State Department. To remove all doubt, he has been nominated for a promotion. I will refer to PN2370 , Curiously enough the Committee on Foreign Relations has to approve the nomination.   A hearing is pending, a very public hearing.

Previously, under the protection of Judge Thomas D. Horne, whom I like to call Judge the Horne, Zveare got away with submitting bogus documents.  Now the arena moves to the US Senate with a real hearing open to the public.

With this said, these bogus documents may just see the light of day. Zveare may learn that you cannot suppress the truth forever.