Loudoun CPS - Sandra Glenney a moral crusader for injustice



The “Satanic Panic” written by Jeffrey S. Victor describes what occurs during a moral panic, specifically the Satanic Panic of the 80′s. One of the more fascinating chapter is that of the misguided moral crusader. I would identify Sandra Glenney as a  misguided moral crusader. She does hold a position of authority. She is driven by emotion not reason. Either she doesn’t know of the volumes and volumes of research on false accusations or she knows it but doesn’t care because it doesn’t it agree with her belief system. Dr. Victor describes this in his book. She refuses to entertain  any other ideas than her own.

The book also goes in great detail about the psychotherapists who engineered the Satanic Panic. Have no doubt , it is a fact the Glenney’s type of psychologist engineered the panic.  This applies to the present. Glenney utilizes  psychologists who are members of the International  Society for the Study of Trauma and Disassociation (ISSTD). This group is a proponent of the debunked diagnosis Multiple Personality Disorder.  If she could Glenney would bring back the Satanic Panic.

We can’t overlook the fact the Glenney’s job depends on her believing in all abuse claims. That is , unless the claims are real like in the Torres case. In the real cases, she gets it horribly wrong with dire consequences. Victor goes into some detail on how to derail the moral crusaders. That is what you have to do with Glenney in Court,  You have to discredit her, her therapist and the CPS social workers,

I highly recommend this read from Jeffrey Victor.