Loudoun CPS - Dr. Mary Lindahl (expert witness?)



On paper and from the description listed on the MaryMount University website located here, on the surface it is impressive. During your case, it is advised not to be starstruck and take a closer look at Dr. Mary Lindahl.  Lets look at the qualifications:

My recommendation for you and your attorney is to question Dr. Lindahl very intensively.  An example is below

Question: During your therapy, if a child state that nothing happened, how do you respond to this,

Question:  If a child does recant do you have a protocol for telling someone.

Question: Who would you tell,

Question. In the past has there been a case in which you did not report the retractions.

You need to question her very critically and very intensively.





Loudoun CPS - Monica Zveare - When the children get older

The case of Ray Spencer should server as an inspiration to the falsely accused. The children will remember the truth and begin to see the lies of the falsely accusing parent . It is important to keep all of your case files, videos and audios. Your child will want to see this. and know what happened.



Loudoun CPS - Dr. Mary Lindahl


One of the latest offerings from Dr. Mary Lindahl, unfortunately is not surprising. I am referring to the article she co-authored  with Lisa Hunt titled “Reunification in Intrafamilial Child Abuse Cases: A Model for Intervention: REUNIFICATION IN INTRAFAMILIAL CHILD ABUSE CASES”  which can be found in the Journal   , Family Court Review (April 2016).

It is curious that she mentions that she and Lisa Hunt has a reunification model, yet she never mentions what that model is. Instead she blames the parents for the failure to reunify. In one particular case , which involved Monica Zveare, Lindahl’s behavior was unethical and unprofessional. She is not qualified to be an author of a paper of this sort.

For starters she kept the factual statements of the child from Court and the accused for nearly two years. Only under months of Dr. Lindahl’s guidance  did the child disclose abuse ; that were inconsistent. The child then retracted the claims immediately,  Dr. Lindahl never, even while under oath  never reported this to the Court; not very professional behavior.

The article written by Lindahl, is not worth the paper it is written or the HTML pages. In one section , in which she complains about the accused parent filing Board Complaints against professionals in the case. She is referring to herself, she was the subject of two Board complaints because she was not forthcoming about the retractions of a child  She stated under oath that there were no inconsistencies, which was a lie.  She neglects to document why she was the subject of the complaints.

Dr. Lindahl was the primary engineer of at least one re-unification attempt. When and if  you  read this article , do not take it as the truth and you must consider the source.



Loudoun County - Lorrie Sinclair Judicial Selection (Bruce McLaughlin Case)



Sometimes what you don’t say is as important , if not more,  than what you do say.  Specifically, I am referring to judicial evaluations.  Virginia is one of the very few states where the legislators appoint candidates to the bench.  Along with this, the legislators highly value the opinion of the local bar associations and other committees in making the various appointments.

If the evaluations provided by the bar associations and other groups do not list all of the facts about the candidate, a faulty appointment can be made. This does happen, consider the case of Judge Robert B. Beasley Jr. Once appointed, bad judges can do incredible damage.  It is vitally important that the legislators know all of the information about a candidate prior to making a decision.

Consider  Lorrie Sinclair , candidate for the 20th Circuit Court bench.  In the evaluations provided by the Loudoun Bar Association and the Virginia Women’s Attorney Association there was no mention of her involvement in the re-trial of Bruce McLaughlin. There is also no mention of her lawsuit against her sorority .

Does Loudoun County want or deserve a Judge ,who as an attorney , attempted to keep an innocent man (Bruce McLaughlin) incarcerated. More disturbing about this, is that she heard the original interview tapes of McLaughlin’s children. The tapes were instrumental in gaining McLaughlin his freedom. Sinclair dismissed this and forged ahead anyway.  She totally disregarded the lessons learned from DayCare Hysteria of the 80′s.

One is right to ask why all of the concerning issues with SInclair are not documented in her evaluations. The judicial selection process should be improved, it is critical that the legislators know all of the relevant facts.