Christopher Zveare - How did he get away with fraud?



It took much audacity for Christopher Zveare to submit fraudulent documents to the Circuit Court in Loudoun County. When one considers that Christopher Zveare is employed by the US State Department and has a clearance, it is even more fascinating that he would take such a risk. Irenality, one should have their clearance revoked and face criminal charges after committing fraud on the Court. This did not happen with Mr. Zveare, he had the full support of the Court.

It can be argue that Monica and Christopher Zveare both committed fraud. His spouse, Monica Zveare had to have known that the documents that were submitted to the Court were fraudulent. Yet they seem to have a little insight that the Judge Thomas D. Horne would not allow the documents to be impeached , nor would Horne allow any discovery of the documents. In every way it was a kangaroo Court right here in Loudoun County.

No doubt , the fraudulent documents will come to the attention of the appropriate investigative agency and appropriate action will be taken.